FIRST ALERT: Strong Afternoon Thunderstorms, Damaging Wind Potential Monday

Some Monday afternoon storms will probably create isolated pockets of damaging wind, downpours and thunder and lightning

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Warmer air moves into southern New England today, generating enough instability for showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. Some storms may contain strong to damaging wind gusts localized downpours and possible flash flooding.

A cold front located across the eastern Great Lakes will move through the region tonight, bringing drier air for the rest of the week. High pressure builds in for Tuesday, bringing fair weather to southern New England.

Tropical moisture from the remnants of Hurricane Ida will make its way into our area Wednesday night into Thursday. Given the system’s tropical origins, there will be a risk of heavy rain and flooding. Expecting anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of rain when all is said and done.  

Though the forecast and the National Hurricane Center takes the storm center as a depression to our south, it may re-strengthen up to tropical storm strength. At that point it would be probably non-tropical, but could bring sustained winds of 40 miles per hour when it comes to the region on Thursday before making its way farther off the coastline by Friday.

Our weather team issued a First Alert for Thursday for the remnant of Ida to be sliding on through here. They also have a First Alert out for Monday.

It's not because of anything going on this morning - it's mild this morning and it's humid, with the dewpoint temperatures near 70 degrees. This really sticky air will be with us today, but rather it's the fact that we have a disturbance coming out of western New York State that's driving in our direction.

The thunderstorms were active last evening, and there were still showers and downpours in Western New York this morning. When that disturbance arrives here by about 1:45 p.m., the first the showers may start to pop them in that region.

The thunderstorms will be scattered but developing as we get to around 3 p.m. out of the Western Hills, southern and central New Hampshire. They'll move east and during the late afternoon to early evening.

By dinnertime, scattered thunder comes through, feeding off the heat and humidity. Some of those storms will probably create at least isolated pockets of damaging wind. We'll get downpours and thunder and lightning with these as they come by after 8 p.m.

The map tomorrow looks fine, we've got a couple of good days coming in for tomorrow and Wednesday. Again, the remnant of Ida we will have to deal with on Thursday.

Highs temperatures for Monday are running at about 88 degrees in Boston, many of us right around 85 to 90. A lot of us may fall overnight to temperatures around 65 to 70 and the humidity may start to drop a little bit.

Tomorrow will still be in the mid-80s - definitely more comfortable without the thunder to deal with in the afternoon - and Wednesday is likely to find temperatures running very close.

The remnants of Ida come through on Thursday with another First Alert.

It'll be a slug of rain that comes by and maybe some thunder with it. Thursday looks like a very wet one for us as it all slides through by Friday as the center of the storm moves east. That rain will come to a close and actually the weekend looks pretty good.

A touch of fall will arrive behind Ida’s remnants, giving way to drier and cooler weather for the Labor Day Weekend. Looking ahead, the worst of this summer’s oppressive heat and humidity may be behind us as we begin to pivot into the Fall season.

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