Freezing Temps Persist Under Sunny Skies

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We’re graced with Sun to clean up the crusty (fluffy for some) snow and ice after the refreeze last night. Winds aren’t intense, but the breeze will cut through you as highs struggle to reach the low 30s this afternoon. After yesterday’s tally of 8.5 inches in Boston, we’re up to 51.9” for the season, a solid 15.1” above normal. Not too shabby for a season that got off to a slow start. Goes to show, it only takes a couple of sizeable storms to make the cold season snowy.

Snow isn’t in the forecast for today, but tomorrow we may have a passing snow shower with an arctic cold front moving through. As its name implies, we’re going to get cold --really cold -- by Monday. Highs struggle to even get to the mid-20s under full sun.

But as we stumble into March, Tuesday sees a slight warmup – that we build on by midweek. Unlike previous weeks, we’re not seeing any remarkable warmups or looming storms next week. Gradually, we may get close to 50 by the end of the week, but there’s certainly a lot of weaker weather systems in the pipeline that could derail that.

Enjoy the weekend!

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