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Beautiful Sunday Kicks off Several Days of Quiet Weather

Temperatures are finally back to being seasonal

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I’m sure you’re glad we’re not under an oppressive heat wave anymore. At last, temperatures are back to being seasonal. We survived a four-day heatwave with values that reached 90 or above.

We have officially marked 20 days with 90+ degrees in Boston and yesterday established a new daily warmest low. Hot hot hot. We reached 90 degrees by 10 a.m. 

Today, we woke up in the 50s and now most of us have been enjoying the upper 70s. So this afternoon, go out there and enjoy the day. We’ll be seeing low dew points, low pollen levels and high UV index. We’re not expecting any showers. 

We’ll enjoy several days of quiet weather until more moisture heads over New England to provide the opportunity for rain chances once again as we head into the second half of next week.

Fred’s remnants will likely be extending over the Tennessee River valley and the humidity will come all the way over to us to bring the instability back again.

For now, you can enjoy some peace and enjoy the nice and dry days ahead. Take a look at our Exclusive 10-Day forecast for a peak of next weekend. 

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