Gusty Winds, Downpours Overnight into Wednesday

Heavy rain is moving in Tuesday night, bringing with it wind up to 45 mph by Wednesday morning

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We’re still in summer-mode today as the breezes from the south bring in the humidity and another day of 80 degree temps. Clearly I’m burying the lead here. The mere mention of rain in the forecast has everyone clamoring.

Certainly it’s welcome news, but it’s hardly a panacea. We need several of these storms to line up and crank (steady, gentle) rain for an extended period of time. The front coming in tonight and early tomorrow is somewhat fleeting in that sense.

Gusty winds will accompany the downpours into Wednesday morning. Some may top 40-45 mph in any heavy rain. By noon, much of the wind will ease, and the skies will part. We’re left with lowering humidity and widespread 70 degree air.

That will change on Thursday as the humidity continues to fall and highs just top 70. Friday will see a close brush with another storm system as our pattern holds into the weekend.

There are even signs that next week our pattern will still be positioned to draw rain up from the deep south and shower us with more water by Monday. Have to see how it will all come together, but there’s clearly hope.

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