Dangerous Heat, Damaging Thunderstorms Possible Monday

Isolated thunderstorms could be strong to severe Monday

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Today might not be has hot as yesterday, but it will be more humid. The heat index will reach 100° in many communities. Showers and thunderstorms are possible during the afternoon.

This cold front has had a history of producing significant damage across the northern plains in Great Lakes. That doesn’t guarantee severe weather, in fact it doesn’t look like we will see widespread severe weather. Whatever storms we do see will be isolated, but the ones that form could be strong to severe.

Tuesday will stay warm and, for some communities, it will mark day four of the heat wave. Humidity levels will be significantly lower. It looks like a fantastic beach day with high temperatures approaching 90°.

A warm front lifting in Wednesday and Thursday will bring showers and thunderstorms. It’s possible that some storms could be strong. Right now the greatest risk looks to be heavy rain. The air mass turns increasingly muggy, especially Thursday.

Temperatures into next weekend remain in check with a couple of showers and thunderstorms continuing.

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