Heat Wave Hits Parts of New England

Temperatures will reach the 90s in most places Thursday, kicking off a heat wave that is expected to last through the weekend

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Places like Boston, Worcester and Providence are still waiting for the first 90 degree day of the season. Meanwhile, in northern New England, some communities have had two or three days already.

Today will kick off a heatwave for the interior of New England. Temperatures will reach the 90s.

The heat will break with showers and thunderstorms by Monday. That means we will go another week without seeing significant rainfall. It’s likely that parts of central New England will see moderate drought conditions develop. Yes, we saw thunderstorms last Thursday, but the rainfall was relatively scattered and too heavy, which caused runoff.

At this point, it does not appear that this pattern will change anytime soon. It’s interesting to note that part of the mid-Atlantic will miss out on this episode of heat, because we are expecting an area of soaking rain south of Philadelphia.

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