Here's When High Temps Could Hit 70 Degrees This Week

We will be close to record-setting warmth Thursday and Friday, when temperatures could hit the low 70s

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Tuesday was the first time Boston reached 60 degrees since Dec. 1, when the high was 63.

Bridgeport, Connecticut broke the record high temperature for the day, which was set in 2020. The old record was 63, the new record is 64.

Today we will be watching the sea breeze. Because of the large temperature differential between the water and land, sea breezes are common. This taste of Spring continues through Friday.

Thursday, we will be close to record-setting warmth once again. It’s possible that temperatures may overachieve, and we could hit the low 70s Thursday and again on Friday.

A cold front will move in Friday night with an increase in clouds. Showers will be possible, but we aren’t expecting any significant rain over the next week to 10 days. It’ possible that we could see a round of more significant rain by mid-week next week.

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