Hurricane Winds Bring Smoke Plume Amid Worsening Drought, Fire Danger

Circulation from Hurricane Teddy will capture the plume of smoke from western wildfires and keep drawing it into New England through midweek

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Even though the sun’s out, the weather is hardly quiet. We have raging hurricane Teddy over the fish and it’s aiming for Eastern Nova Scotia by tomorrow. Wave action is battering the coastline through midweek.

In the meantime, a huge plume of smoke from the western wildfires is arriving later today and through midweek. The drought is also taking a toll. Trees are stressed, so some dead leaves and branches will likely fall as the winds increase. This will heighten the fire danger tomorrow and Wednesday.

Connect the dots, and we’ll see it’s all connected to Teddy. The storm’s circulation will capture the plume of smoke and keep drawing it into New England through midweek. It won’t effect air quality, only visibility and appearance in the sky.

High surf, beach erosion and coastal flooding are also a direct result of Teddy (AND astronomically high tides). Fire danger is elevated because the winds from the hurricane will expand as the storm becomes extra-tropical (more like a big, nasty nor’easter) and passes offshore.

We’d be in a better spot, of course, if we weren’t steeped in this massive drought. Sadly, there’s no relief in that department…yet.

Hopes are high that we may get some “real” rain early next week. It’s not a tropical system, but it is looking like the Gulf of Mexico will FINALLY open up for business and inject a some water vapor into the advancing storm system.

This is the (atmospheric) moment we’ve been waiting months to see. Fingers crossed it doesn’t vanish from our weather maps in the coming days.

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