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Little Drought Relief in Sight as Dry Air Pushes Into Region

The next good chance for some sustained rain appears to be Monday

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A lucky few were hit by rain and thunder yesterday afternoon. For some, it was a wild ride of wind and hail (on the South Shore). Today’s forecast is a lot more tame thanks to a push of drier air into the region.

Dewpoints may drop – and stay suppressed – for the next two days. This means more comfortable afternoons and overnights. Unfortunately, it also diminishes our rain chances to the 10 percent range today and 15-20 percent range tomorrow. That’s to say there is a chance, Lloyd Christmas, for one or two pop-up storms on Saturday afternoon.

Right now those odds (however small) favor the Worcester Hills. Certainly nothing to cancel plans over, but maybe something to keep in mind if you're out and about. Sunday that chance grows to a whopping 30-40 percent thanks to an approaching weather system.

We’re really doing backflips on Monday when the odds rise to 50-60 percent -- it’s then that a cold front will be approaching in the afternoon.

While we can’t promise all hits with Monday’s storms, it’s the best we can do in this pattern. As you might imagine, “rain envy” is starting to grow rampant on social media as some spots have seen downpours while others have just “watched the storms go around me.” The anger is palpable as we slip into “severe drought” status in most of northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire.

Like tempers, weekend temperatures are also on the rise. We move into the mid and upper 80s as sticky air overtakes the region from Sunday through Tuesday.

Keep your cool this weekend, and be safe.

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