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Mild Monday Before Colder Temps Return

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Our much anticipated pattern change is mere days away.

On Sunday we logged the 27th consecutive day where temperatures in Boston climbed above average. Monday will log another day with temperatures in the low 40s.

Starting tomorrow temperatures will return to average levels in the 30s. A few snow showers are possible during the day with an Arctic front moving through.

A few more snow showers are possible by the end of the week as well.

Next weekend is looking significantly colder. Daytime high temperatures may stay in the 20s. It doesn't look like the cold will coincide with snow, but that may change the following week.

By no means will this be record cold, but it should be noted that the average low temperature in Boston this time of year is 22 degrees. Up until this point, the lowest overnight temperature has been 24 degrees during the month of January.

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