Mild Temperatures and Cloudy Skies into the Evening

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Improving conditions for our evening! Our temperatures have been below average across all of New England. Highs in the lower 60s across our coastal communities, mid to upper 60s inland, and the lower 70s in the western areas of the states. Maine gets to keep the showers through late this evening but most of the region should overall watch for drier air.

Our dew points will drop to the upper 30s, low 40s through tonight and into tomorrow, along with breaking clouds. This will permit a chilly morning, for which kids waiting on a school bus tomorrow will need a sweater or a light jacket. By lunch time, highs will rise to the 70s; a nice, sunny and bright morning will allow for outdoor activities the entire day.

The trend for temperatures through much of next week will remain mostly seasonable. Highs will step up to the lower 80s by the of the week, but a wetter pattern seems to also be coming along with the shift of the jet stream. In our 10 day forecast we’ll watch for the chance of showers for Wednesday through Thursday, as well as the end of the weekend into the following week.  

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