Monday Clouds to Clear, Make-Way for Comfortable Week

After Monday night showers, Tuesday morning should give way to a stream of drier air that will make for a comfortable week

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Although improvement doesn’t come all at once, gradually New England’s skies see increasing sunshine from north and west to south and east Monday. The most stubborn Monday clouds will be found on Cape Cod, but even on the Cape the weather should be pleasant and brighter during the afternoon. 

Meanwhile, one more atmospheric disturbance is on the way. It will cross New England with afternoon to evening showers and thunderstorms in western New England, and a round of showers and embedded thunder, mostly overnight, in eastern New England. Behind the Monday night disturbance, showers come to a close Tuesday early morning from west to east, giving way to a stream of drier air that will make for a comfortable afternoon. 

While Tuesday’s air may be drier, it won’t be so dry as to preclude any showers at all. Another disturbance aloft will build clouds across the Great North Woods and much of central and northern Maine Tuesday afternoon for some scattered showers and thunderstorms, which are unlikely to impact communities farther south. 

As the air continues to turn drier and more comfortable for midweek, nighttime low temperatures will slide into the 40s for the North Country and 50s for many others. Wednesday will bring plenty of sunshine and only the chance of an afternoon sprinkle or shower at the Canada border.

By Thursday, sunshine prevails with exceptionally comfortable air that carries into Friday. Temperatures rise and humidity builds heading into the weekend. This will deliver an increasing chance of scattered afternoon thunder, particularly by Sunday, with no repeat of the cool daytime high temperatures from this past weekend expected in the exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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