More Sun Tuesday With Pleasant Temperatures

Hurricane Ian's impacts to New England are still up in the air

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A streak of rain Monday evening put the Sox in delay, but also helped us chip away at the drought. We’re waking to more sun and in the 70s Tuesday, as we hang on by the skin on our teeth to this mild air.

Cooler temps will eventually make progress into New England later this week. We’ll see our highs drop to near 70 Wednesday and into the 60s by Thursday. It’s this cool air that wards off Ian later in the week. But that’s not the half of the drama unfolding with its remnants.

We’ll see much of the Southeast United States consumed by rain and potential flooding from the remnant storm, but how (or even if) it manages to make it this far north is still in question. Our window of opportunity for rain could be as late as Sunday night or even into Monday at this point. Without any distinct steering currents, the storm could be adrift for a couple of days. We’ll need time to sort it all out in the days ahead.

In the meantime, enjoy the peace and quiet. Top ten day for sure Tuesday (every season has one in my book…they don’t all have to be 80 degree days).

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