New England Enters a Cold Snap

Tuesday will be the coldest day of the cold stretch, with the possibility of some flakes or brief snow showers for some

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A cold snap to start the week. One that may last more than two days, in fact.  We haven’t seen the likes of that in a while.

Or have we?

Despite the fact that our warmups have been long-lasting (and memorable), we have had some rather long cold snaps in the last 2 months. Recall the super-deep cold spell that lead up to our first snow storm of the season. From Oct. 25 through Nov. 4th, the average temps dipped as low as 14 degrees below normal (on Halloween).

Now that it’s early winter (meteorologically speaking), every chilly spell comes with the question, "does this mean the rest of the winter will be cold?”

Nope. It’s simply where we fall in this particular week. Nothing to read into here.

Noteworthy weather this week includes the possibility of some flakes or brief snow showers on Tuesday from the mid to outer Cape. They’re called ocean-effect snow showers and they come about with a cold wind blowing over the relatively “mild” waters of Cape Cod Bay.

The rest of us will contend with more clouds than sun as the upper atmosphere remains very cold. Tuesday is our coldest day of this stretch.

Moderation arrives later in the week as the winds to the southwest. No nor’easters will be threatening  around these parts, but we are seeing one form south of us tonight and tomorrow.

Try not to weep.

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