New England Is Drying Off After Ida — Here's How the Weekend's Looking

To start off the weekend, we'll be enjoying mostly sunny skies and temperatures that will remain in the 70s

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Ida's remnants left the region early Thursday morning, guilty as charged for the serious flooding it brought to communities in southern New England.

Rainfall amounts totaled 9.5 inches in New Bedford, Massachusetts, more than 9 inches in Yarmouth, Massachusetts, and more than 7 inches in Fall River, Massachusetts, and Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

This heavy rain affected roadways and, in particular, a street in Portsmouth that crumbled and collapsed.

The rushing floodwaters underneath the pavement caused Fairview Lane in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, to buckle and collapse.

As in any serious flooding event, the best thing we can do is prevent danger is not driving through covered roads and staying away from downed power lines, especially those under the water. And, as fun as kids may think playing in floodwaters may be, this water is not somewhere you want to swim in or get close to, as it is likely contaminated by pollutants and sewage.

The good news after all this is that New England is thankfully going to enjoy some drier weather now. The rest of Thursday afternoon and evening will feature temperatures in the 60s and low 70s with low dew points that will actually decrease by a few degrees tomorrow -- that means it'll be less humid.

To start off the weekend, we'll be enjoying mostly sunny skies through Saturday and temperatures that will remain in the 70s. On Sunday, you'll be enjoying a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures in the upper 70s and rain chances rolling in as the evening starts.

If you're one of the lucky people who have Labor Day off, Monday will likely be another pattern of sun and clouds, with p.m. showers focusing in the north and extending to the south late in the afternoon.

Although Tuesday will be dry, variable weather returns by Wednesday and our exclusive 10 Day Forecast features another beautiful start to next weekend.

You can count on your First Alert Weather Team for all the updates.

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