New England Sees Warm Temps; Rain Tuesday

New Englanders will enjoy a day of sunshine, but will see some rain showers on Tuesday

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Our weather will turn unsettled after one more day of sunshine today. Clouds and wet weather return by Tuesday. Temperatures with the overcast skies will stay in the 40s. It won’t rain the entire stretch, but it will come in waves. 

By Thursday night, as the storm system moves away, a half an inch to an inch of rain is likely. Some snow is possible in the mountains, but it’s too early for totals.

Colder air is set to return by the end of the week and into next weekend. The sunshine will return but so will temperatures in the 30s.

As we begin the month of March, temperatures will climb back into the 40s and 50s. It looks (right now) like March will come in like a lamb. 

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