Numbing Weekend Ahead With Snow for Some

A couple of inches or more of snow is possible on the Cape

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Cold is firmly in place this morning. Just step outside and feel those wind chills as they dip below zero. The only saving grace in this arctic air is that the winds will slowly back off this afternoon as high pressure crests overhead.

Our attention turns east over the next day and a half as ocean-effect snow darts in an out of our coastal communities. While this will be a very tough forecast to pin down, some towns could see some decent, fluffy accumulation.

What’s more certain is the track of our big ocean storm tomorrow: far away into the open Atlantic. More importantly, the turn in the wind direction as this storm passes will be key to the development of the snow bands.

We’ll go from north today to north/northeast tomorrow. That slight turn in direction (along with a more unstable atmosphere) hastens the development of “snow streamers” over the relatively warmer ocean waters. Given the right setup, these could become locally intense. A couple of inches (or more) is possible in parts of the Cape.

For the tail end of the weekend, the temperatures turn milder. While clouds will increase on Sunday, we should bust freezing in most spots. This warmup will be short-lived, however, as more cold comes crashing in for Monday.

The long-range forecast is still relatively quiet for the pattern we’re in. Sometimes the storms stack up and feed off the jet stream energy along the Eastern Seaboard. We’re not seeing that this go-round. While another storm may be in the works Wednesday, it too looks like it will sail off south/southeast of us.

Lot of the snow lovers call this “wasted cold,” but this is the best it’s been in years for skating/backyard rinks AND the snow has been sticking around in the mountains. Remember the old adage about skiing in New England: no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. Layer up and get outside!

Have a good, safe weekend.

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