Perseid meteor shower

Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Tonight — Here's How to Watch in Mass.

No need for binoculars or a telescope; you’ll be able to see them without any equipment

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Watch the latest on our Perseid forecast in the video atop this story.

One of the best memories I have from summer vacation on Cape Cod as a child is grabbing an inflatable swim float and heading down to the beach around midnight with my parents and sister to watch the Perseid meteor shower.

We weren’t the only ones with the idea; there were at least a dozen other star gazers that joined us. We saw SO many “shooting stars” that night, and it was such a special moment that I’ll never forget. You too can enjoy this celestial treat as the Perseid meteor shower will peak worldwide in the middle of this week.

Perhaps the most important part of being able to see the meteors is to have clear skies for viewing. Unfortunately, the sky cover forecast for New England will be less than ideal this week – but not all hope is lost. While low clouds and patchy fog will tend to fill in with warmth and humidity in place across the region Tuesday night, Wednesday tonight and again on Thursday night … I do anticipate some breaks to develop. Your decision to give it a shot may have to be a game-time decision.

The two-day Perseid meteor shower offers one of the most spectacular shooting star displays.

No need for binoculars or a telescope – you’ll be able to see them without any equipment. A wide-open, dark sky is ideal – so get away from city lights and block any outside sources of light (aka – don’t stare at your cell phone!)

The best hours to view the meteor shower are from midnight to pre-dawn…but you should be able to see some before midnight, too.

My pro tip? Don’t sit for 5 minutes and give up. It will take your eyes a little bit of time to adapt to the darkness and remember, meteors come in spurts. I say relax, get comfy and try for an hour.

We’ll keep you posted on any tweaks to the cloud cover forecast in the days to come. Happy viewing and don’t forget to make a wish!

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