Summer-Like Temperatures Move Back In

Heading into the weekend, there's about a 20% chance of showers Saturday and a 40% chance of showers Sunday

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We have a new weather pattern in New England. The period of Sept. 19-22 featured average mean temperatures in the low and mid-40s, the coldest such period in most of our lifetimes — and that was with mostly sunny skies!

Wednesday begins a new 'frost-free' spell of weather with the feel of summer for our first weekend of celestial autumn. Another fun fact is that the first 12-hour day is Friday, three days past the equinox. That is because the earth-sun relationship is not perfect geometry, and the earth is bigger and fatter at the equator, than around the poles. Yes, we live on an oblate spheroid.

As post Hurricane Teddy pulls out of eastern Canada, our beach battering waves will slowly subside through tomorrow. High pressure to our southwest keeps us in too dry air, but with wind from the west we warm up.

The combination of dry air and a busy breeze will mean high to very high brush fire danger again Wednesday — and likely for days to come — so burning should continue to be curtailed.

Each day through the end of the week into the weekend, daytime temperatures will rise well into the 70s and, for some, to around 80 degrees, particularly on Friday.

New England will skate a line between disturbances to the north and south, which looks to deliver a quiet and pleasant weekend, but that's not set in stone just yet. With nearby disturbances, there's about a 20% chance of showers Saturday and a 40% chance of showers Sunday, particularly later in the day, though for now, our First Alert Team is optimistic most of the weekend will be dry and enjoyable with the most likely time for showers Sunday evening or night.

Though showers are in our exclusive 10-day forecast for Monday and Tuesday, we're not sold on just how much rain will fall, as there's a decent chance the showers would remain scattered and disorganized as a cold front slowly approaches and runs into a persistent bubble of fair weather. Regardless, cooler air seems likely by the middle to end of next week.

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