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Preparing for a Messy Winter Storm to Close Out 2019

The next formidable storm is still on the other side of the country, but it's headed our way

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Slick areas in the northern half of New England caused problems Friday morning, including a jackknifed tractor trailer that shut down the southbound side of the Maine Turnpike in Gray, but warmer air is steadily taking hold, marking the end to icy conditions and a day that sends temperatures well into the 40s for most of us. 

Sprinkles will come and go through Friday, with heftier showers at times in the North Country, but few problems after the icy patches melt away by mid-morning for most, and around midday or early afternoon in the coldest spots in sheltered northeast New England valleys. 

New England is no stranger to piles of snow being dumped onto the region each winter. Take a look at some of the worst storms to hit in modern history.

Clouds will be hard to shake, with the most limited sun found on Cape Cod but a true clearing trend waiting until a piecemeal arrival overnight Friday night and more bonafide clearing Saturday early morning. 

The breeze will be busy Friday and Saturday, too, first from the southwest on Friday with gusts to 35 mph bringing in mild air, then to 30 mph on Saturday from the northwest as drier air takes hold, allowing for sunshine that will help bump temperatures well into the 40s again. 

The next formidable storm is still on the other side of the country, done dumping heavy snow over Southern California but delivering rain and snow to the southwest U.S. Friday and poised to chug east over the weekend.  While the heart of the storm cuts through the central United States, the broad counter-clockwise flow of air around the storm puts us on the receiving end of warmth, thrusting milder air north up the Eastern Seaboard, and that air will collide with cooler air already in place to create blossoming precipitation. 

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Though most of southern New England will be warm enough for predominantly rain, central New England very well may start as a wintry mix Sunday night and northern New England transitions from developing Sunday overnight snow to a mix. This leaves a wet Monday morning commute south, wintry north, and messy for all, so a First Alert continues for Monday. 

The storm will be gone by midday Tuesday, making for a dry and seasonable First Night and New Year’s Day until more showers are possible next Friday, and a chance of rain or snow re-enters the forecast by late next weekend in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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