Rain Departs, Heat and Humidity Make a Return

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Isolated thunderstorms popped up once again today. Unfortunately, it doesn't help the wind spread dry conditions.

We need a soaking, steady rain to make up the significant deficit. Most of central and southern New England are running 3 to 6 inches below average since January 1.

The heat was also back. Hartford officially kicked off a heatwave with its third consecutive day at or above 90 degrees and Burlington, Vermont, continued its heatwave with temperatures once again hitting the 90s.

This heat and humidity will continue for the next week to 10 days. Days that aren't hot will be very humid. Even if the mercury doesn’t reach 90 degrees it will still feel oppressive most of the time.

As far as widespread soaking rain, our next chance will be Wednesday across northern and western New England another chance on Friday - a little bit closer to the coast.

I don't see this erasing the drought but I don't see the drought getting worse with this added rain coming up.

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