Record Temperatures Near 100 Degrees Monday

Dangerous heat to continue through Tuesday

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Monday’s record high temperature of 98 degrees in Boston was set in 1882 and isn’t an easy one to surpass, but after 138 years our First Alert team thinks that record will likely fall Monday afternoon, as we predict Boston’s temperature to top out at 99 degrees. 

Some towns in southern New England are likely to hit the century mark, as humidity actually drops during the midday and afternoon, with the slightly drier air able to warm just a bit more than humid air would, giving the extra boost to break records. 

Physical stress on the human body increases during hot stretches with time, as the cumulative effects of hot days and warm nights don’t give the body a chance to recovery for those without air conditioning, which is why it becomes important to check on those who are vulnerable Monday and Tuesday. 

For all of us, heat safety tips can make a difference: staying hydrated, wearing lightweight, light colored clothing, taking breaks and finding air conditioning when possible. Keep in mind cars heat to dangerous temperatures very quickly and pets need water and shade on days like this. 

With record-breaking temperatures in the forecast comes the risk of a number of heat-related illnesses. Here are some signs to look out for.

No thunderstorms are expected in central or southern New England Monday afternoon or evening, owing both to the less humid air temporarily in place and the lack of warm/cool clash, even high in the sky – it’s just hot all the way up. In northern New England, cooler air aloft will afford scattered thunderstorms Monday afternoon and evening. 

Tuesday is forecast to be just a few degrees less hot, but humidity will rise again and heat index values will rise to near or over 100 degrees, making the day just as impactful as Monday. The chance of thunderstorms increases Tuesday – first a round of showers may quickly run west to east for a part of central New England during the morning, then scattered strong thunderstorms are possible Tuesday afternoon to early evening as a weak cold front passes through by Tuesday evening and delivers less humid and storm-free though still hot air Wednesday. 

Another disturbance Thursday brings a chance of isolated to scattered thunder in the afternoon ahead of another shot of comfortable air that should lock in a pleasant summer weekend. Humidity and chance of thunder builds again first thing next week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast.

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