Saturday Storms Could Bring Damaging Wind, Rain Before Cool-Down

Gusty winds between 30 and 40 mph will buffet New England all day Saturday, and evening storms could produce isolated wind damage

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Friday night is looking great for us. We’ll continue with a mix of clouds and minimum rain chances in the south, while in the north we’ll be tracking scattered showers in Vermont and New Hampshire advancing east and allowing for a rainy start to the day in Maine.

For the rest of us, after enjoying a whole week with mild temperatures, we’ll have the opportunity to see another afternoon in the 70s. Saturday's temperatures will manage to climb into above-average temperatures even though we’ll have cloud cover into most of the west.

But we have added a First Alert stamp for Saturday, when gusty winds between 30 and 40 mph will buffet New England all day, and evening storms could produce isolated wind damage.

Our dew points will increase starting Saturday morning as a warm front pushes in moisture and allows for isolated showers to roll in, exiting pretty early in the day -- likely before 10 a.m. 

Late morning and early afternoon will be a nice stretch of dry hours to enjoy outdoor activities and make the best our of our Saturday, since showers will begin to roll into the west after 4 p.m. 

Timing the rain, we’ll see the first showers popping up in the northwest, Vermont and New Hampshire, with an easterly movement. Late evening we’ll have most of the activity over central Massachusetts, and towards 9-10 p.m., the showers will be entering the Boston area.

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Even though we might see some heavy downpours, rainfall amounts are expected to remain below half an inch in the east and just over an inch in the west. 

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The possibility of isolated severe storms is minimal but not ruled out. Some of these storms may produce gusty winds that can affect trees and reach up to 50 mph. Small hail is also a slight possibility as well as thunder. 

As for temperatures, we’ll watch them drop from the 70s Saturday into the 60s Sunday. Starting off the week, we’ll see spots remaining in the upper 50s as their high temperatures. Chilly nights will take over the first half of the week until we get a bit of a rise and an increase in rain chances by the end of our work week.

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