Scattered Showers, Wind Gusts Up to 30 MPH Tuesday

We’re looking ahead to brighter days through midweek but the temperatures return to December standards

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We’re still wrapped up in the circulation of yesterday’s storm, but the outcome today is a lot more tolerable.

While rain continues to pester the Cape through much of the morning, some sun is trying to get the upper hand in other spots. We still run the risk of a shower fraying off from the Cape/Islands and reaching into the rest of eastern Massachusetts this morning.

Dry air punching into the storm (what we refer to as the dry slot - go figure) should increase the sun’s reach later this afternoon. As far as those winds are concerned, there could be a few gusts near 30 mph, but generally the wind field has weakened with the storm.

We’re looking ahead to brighter days through midweek and beyond. Temperatures, on the other hand, are back to December standards. They’ll slip into the low 50s later today as the colder air shuffles in.

Wednesday and Thursday both find us in the 40s. Even colder air will swing in over the weekend as matters turn serious once again.

Our guidance is showing a storm trying to form on Saturday night and Sunday. It’s been appearing and disappearing from our maps every 6 hours (when they update), and frankly it’s getting a little frustrating.

There’s enough cold air around to give us pause, but we’re shaky on the size, duration, potency and, of course, track of the “storm.” Plenty to watch for in the days ahead… provided you don’t blink.

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