FIRST ALERT: Showers and Thunderstorms Continue Saturday, With Heavy Rain Possible

The heavy rain tapers off Sunday morning, and highs will be in the mid 60s again. 

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Another storm system is affecting us Saturday. This one isn’t even close to the power of our last nor’easter, but it will be a nuisance storm and we have issued a First Alert. 

Showers are ongoing as a warm front lifts northeast through New England on Saturday morning. A couple of rumbles of thunder and heavy downpours lighten up late morning. There is a lull in the action for the afternoon, with some hit-or-miss showers. The heaviest rain moves in mid-afternoon and for the evening from south to north. 

A few thunderstorms will also intensify our wind gusts a bit. The wind will be as high as 30 to 40 mph from the east, southeast across the Cape and Islands. A couple of 50 mph gusts are possible in the storms but will be isolated. 

Hanging branches over power lines may knock out power again, more weakened trees may fall, and power crews will have to halt on power restoration as these winds are too dangerous for the bucket trucks.  

At the coastal front, waves will increase a few more feet Saturday night into Sunday, but we don’t anticipate coastal flooding. There will be more erosion and splash over along seawalls. The bright spot Saturday is that the temperatures will be warmer -- in the mid 60s. 

The heavy rain tapers off Sunday morning as the low-pressure system heads into Canada. A couple of showers linger, then we will see clearing skies south by afternoon. Highs will be in the mid 60s again. 

Showers linger in northern New England with some gusty winds all day long.  By evening the rain clears out as kids head out for trick-or-treating. Temperatures fall to the upper 50s by then, a pretty typical temperature forecast for this holiday. 

Our quiet weather continues next week, with mostly dry weather through midweek.  A cold front moves through Monday into Tuesday, with not a lot of moisture so we won’t expect showers.  However, our temperatures cool from around 60 to around 50 by midweek and lows in the 30s. 

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