Showers Move in for St. Patrick's Day, Followed By 70 Degree Friday

Once the morning clouds break on Friday, we’re primed for the 70 degree mark

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Tuesday got the gold ribbon for "sneaky warmth" as temperatures in some spots rose into the mid-60s. On the eve of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re not so lucky.

Clouds will slowly peel back Wednesday, but the winds will turn in from the southeast – off the chilly ocean. We may still squeak out a 60 degree reading from towns and cities far from the coast, but the immediate shoreline should hold in the low/mid 50s.

A large storm system will spin off Nantucket late Thursday. Any early sun will fade as the day wears on. There are mixed messages as to how much rain may fall, but at the very least, the afternoon looks damp.

Showers will move up from the south and overspread the area through the afternoon and evening. Again we may approach 60 away from the coast, but everyone’s temperature will slip back to the low 50s as the wet weather sets in.

The remarkable turnaround for Friday is still in the works. Once the morning clouds break, we’re primed for the 70 degree mark! It’s a wild feat of nature to squeeze this gem in between a couple of 50-degree days, but everything will be “just so” to make the grade. (Truthfully, it’s the sun and a mild airmass that do the bidding.)

In any event, we can’t save it for the weekend. Rain will swallow us up for Saturday as another storm rolls in from the west.

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