Showers, Some Snowflakes Moving Through But Wednesday Is Not a Washout

The rain will move out this afternoon and we'll see some sunshine making for a decent, albeit cool, rest of the day

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The sunshine certainly was nice while it lasted. Today clouds all win out and temperatures will be much lower than the last couple of days.

A warm front will be just to the south of New England triggering a round of showers. Winds will be from the east and that will keep things raw especially at the coast line.

Part two of the storm system will evolve into a coastal storm Thursday. In southern New England we aren’t expecting a ton of rain, but this storm system will explode once it reaches the Gulf of Maine.

Parts of northern Maine may see an excess of a foot of snow. With on-shore winds, coastal flooding is possible during multiple high tide cycles. Although most of the coastal flooding should be minor, we can’t rule out pockets of moderate coastal flooding.

We should dry out in time for the weekend. We will get a little bit warmer for Easter Sunday. If you are planning a backyard Easter egg hunt for your kids, temperatures will be slightly warmer than average.

Unfortunately that shot of warmer air will also be short-lived. Showers and cooler air move-in for next week.

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