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Sizzlin' Summer Weekend Brings Record Breaking Heat

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The weekend is set to sizzle.

Both days will be scorching, with records possible on Sunday and heat indices climbing to the low 100s. We are at the height of summertime heat. Our warmest average temperatures run from the 16th through the 22nd of July. While we peak at 82.5 on average, our records range from 98 to 103.

A severe thunderstorm warning was in effect for parts of northern New England on Saturday night, including Essex County, Vermont until 7:45 p.m. and Coos County, New Hampshire through 8:15 p.m.

Our record on Sunday is a vulnerable 98 as well. We’re looking at peaking around 99 in Boston and 95 in Worcester.  

We’ve been hammering home the “take it slow and drink plenty of water” mantra, but it’s really important to heed that advice on Sunday. The heat will wear you down in no time with heat indices peaking at 102-105 in the mid-afternoon.

Beaches will harbor some relief, but even here it’s in the low 90s, and the sea breezes influence won’t become established until later in the afternoon. We’ve been talking about the heat all week, but now it’s time to see an end to it.

A cold front will slice through on Monday afternoon, shooting the thermometer into the low/mid 90s one more time. It will also spawn a line of potentially severe thunderstorms. Keep your eyes peeled for storms after lunch approaching from the west. Torrential rain, hail and high winds will be the biggest concerns. We’re optimistic that there will be more hits than misses (unlike the last round) as this front has lots of support in the upper atmosphere.  

A remarkably new, fresh airmass will sweep in on Monday night and Tuesday, dropping the humidity AND the temperatures back to seasonable levels. Heat tries to make a small comeback by Thursday, but it doesn’t seem to have the staying power of this current spell. Be safe, say cool and enjoy the weekend!

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