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Midweek Storm Could Bring Blizzard Conditions, Up to 18 Inches of Snow

Snow totals could reach 12 to 18 inches near and south of the Massachusetts Turnpike

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We’re looking at some quiet weather in the next two days – good for the spirit, and a soothing thought for the forecasters wrangling with the next storm. While we anxiously pore over weather data crossing the web every six hours, the cold is seeping in from the north.

The focus of this cold is an early-season arctic high pressure system near Quebec City, and as we’ve come to realize, this is the crux of the forecast on Thursday.

Timeline starts the snow just after midnight Wednesday. We’ll see the snow shrivel to a skinny band near the Canal by late day Thursday. Bullseye should be south of the Mass. Pike with this event.

Snow totals could reach 12 to 18 inches near and south of  the Massachusetts Turnpike; nine to 12 inches along the Route 2 corridor and into the Merrimack Valley; and six to nine inches near Concord, New Hampshire and northward. Towns near the Cape could see lesser amounts.

Winds won’t be a huge factor, but some gusts may peak at 40mph along the coast during Thursday. High tides continue to provide splash over potential thanks to the new moon and the storm.

Cold will follow our event, lasting deep into the weekend. Plenty of updates coming in the hours leading up to the storm. Stay on top of the drama with us!

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