New England weather

Snow North, Sun South With Gusty, Chilly Wind

Northern New England will see a few more inches of snow while southern parts of the region see more sunshine

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A gusty west wind continues to blow across New England, carrying with it some lake effect snow showers.

Those lake effect snow bands, formed when chilly air flows over the warmer, unfrozen Great Lakes, are dumping feet of snow in parts of New York. Every once and a while parts of the bands are making it all the way into Northern and Western New England.

While we won’t get feet of snow here, we’ll get a few more inches in Northern New England. Highs will be in the 20s there.

In Southern New England, we’ll be in the 30s to near 40 with more sunshine.

Expect lows in the teens and 20s overnight, setting us up for a cool weekend.

Highs on Saturday will be in the 20s north, 30s south. There will still be extra clouds in the mountains. A flurry or two is possible there, but we’ll still have more sun south.

Sunday brings more sun for all with highs mostly in the 30s.

Temperatures rebound again next week, back into the 40s on Monday with mostly cloudy skies and a spot shower, and into the 50s by Tuesday as a few more showers arrive.

A heavier slug of rain is likely Wednesday into Thursday as highs for some of us flirt with 60.

By the following weekend we ‘spring forward’ and temperatures cool off again.

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