A Couple of Warm Days Left Before Cooler Weather Sets in

Two more days of heat lie ahead before showers, cooler temperatures move in by Thursday

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This has been quite a streak of abnormally warm temperatures. Records have fallen, sun has dominated and dry weather has returned. Our only limiting factor to the toasty stretch has been the shortened days.

And we’re not done with the heat. Two more days lie ahead, with the possibility of more records. Highs today soar into the mid-70s as early morning chill is shaken off and the sun goes to work.

Tomorrow culminates in the warmest day of this spell. Highs could reach 80 in some spots as a freakishly warm bubble of air in the mid-atmosphere moves overhead.

Clearly these kinds of numbers can’t be reached with such ease (and persistence) without the aid of a warming climate in the background. It’s more proof that the extremes we’re seeing can’t be explained by normal climate variation.

There is cooler air coming in by the end of the week. Showers will lower us into the 60s by Thursday and a passing front drops us to the 50s by week’s end.

We’re looking for some beneficial water in those showers Thursday as some of the water vapor wrapping around Eta in Florida gets caught up in the circulation ahead of the front.

Make it a great week.

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