Spectacular Saturday on Tap Before Rain Returns Next Week

Saturday will feature low humidity and sunny skies

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A potent weather system is spinning away this morning. Thunder and downpours were the big features overnight, but in it’s wake, the wind will start to kick up. It's not a typical late July day with the dew points falling and the cooler air rushing in (after a vigorous weather system), but this July has been anything but normal.

In that vein, we’re seeing lows dip to the 50s in the suburbs tonight. That sets us up for a stellar Saturday forecast with low humidity and sunny skies. It’s truly the pick of the weekend, but Sunday isn’t looking as “bad” as we had feared.

What looked like certain rain for the afternoon may hold back until Sunday night. What we’re seeing is the storm system deepening and slowing down (think winding up to smack a baseball versus swatting a fly). This delay buys us time and holds the rain chances back across Western Massachusetts in the afternoon. That doesn’t mean we won’t see an increase in the clouds, however. They roll in quickly during the morning, and we battle them all through the afternoon. Still beats a wet day!

And wet it will be for part of next week. The storm zips by Sunday night, and spares Monday. But we’re back to the same gray skies (and showers) Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s like that old pattern wants to return. This time, however, I think it’s a short-lived stay. The sogginess seems to shake out by late week and the warmth returns into next weekend.

We’ll take this one day at a time, of course!

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