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Starting to Feel Like Fall

The coolest air of the season to date is moving in, with temperatures stuck below average for the next several days

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Now the cool air takes hold.

Yesterday’s downpours and thunder traveled along a slow-moving cold front. With its passage, the floodgates of early autumn chill have opened. But this is no fleeting batch of cool air. We’re in for multiple days of below normal temps under a stalled upper-level low pressure system.

This low is parked over us for a couple of days, affording us some chilly starts and plenty of cold clouds overhead. We’ll start pretty bright in the mornings, but once we reach what is commonly known as the convective temperature, clouds will materialize – seemingly out of nowhere – as they billow up into the cold air aloft. There may even be a few sprinkles this afternoon, but better chances late tonight and into tomorrow.

Speaking of, the coolest air of the young season will settle in on Thursday. With clouds hindering the sun for much of the day, we’ll be lucky to tag 60 in many spots, and even so, much of the day will be spent in the 50s. The chill will spread into Friday morning with some of the colder suburbs falling into the mid to upper 30s. Brrr…

I know why you’re here. You really wanted the “inside scoop” on Sunday’s forecast, right? Looked all bright and rosy, but now your app is showing that sinister rain icon. Well, it might (finally) be on the right track. There’s a sneaky little storm system trying to throw some wet weather into our Sunday afternoon and night.

Right now the models are hinting at it, but not committed to any particular time or duration. We’ll settle the score in the coming days, but start thinking about your wet weather accoutrements and have a plan to waterproof your yummies for tailgating.

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