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Storm Could Deliver 6 Inches of Snow to Parts of Region This Week

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Our workweek in New England starts quiet but ends unsettled, with snow and rain both in the forecast. 

For now, variable clouds couple with moderate air to allow for high temperatures in the 40s regionwide and with only a light breeze, wind chill will be negligible.  

Partly cloudy skies continue overnight Monday night with lows around freezing for many and subfreezing in Northern New England, but with no fresh moisture on the roads, no substantial impact is expected. 

Tuesday brings the first of several disturbances to impact New England, each one successively stronger, meaning the Tuesday disturbance will be fairly weak, delivering increased clouds for all of New England but little more than some midday sprinkles or light showers south of the Massachusetts Turnpike, especially near the South Coast. We’re expecting a light mixed shower in the mountains with highs for most still reaching the 40s. 

The next disturbance arrives Wednesday morning and will be only slightly stronger than its Tuesday predecessor, delivering light rain and snow to Southern New England and morning snow showers here and there in Northern New England, all of which is likely to depart by afternoon with little impact aside from wetting the ground in spots. 

Thursday is the stronger disturbance. It is poised to spin a storm system up to our south, putting New England on the cold side of the storm, at least to start, with a push of snow from predawn Thursday through Thursday morning.  

The passage of the snow Thursday morning represents a push of warmer air, both aloft and at the surface, and this will encourage a change to lighter mixed precipitation and eventually rain showers for Southern New England as Thursday wears on. 

By Thursday night into Friday, a follow-up storm center develops from the south, but by that point more warm air will be in place for New England, meaning rain is most likely in Southern New England, rain or a mix Central and snow or a mix in the North Country. 

As the storm departs later Friday, it’ll drag some of the northern cold southward across New England, ending rain and mix as snowflakes for some, but unlikely to be too significant.  Nonetheless, Thursday/Friday snow totals may only end up a couple of inches at worst in Southern New England, but closer to half a foot should accumulate across Northern New England as an early estimate. 

Saturday brings a break in the action before one more round of atmospheric energy may deliver clouds and some snow showers Sunday.  Even next week, at the end of our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast, no substantial winter cold is in sight, and our February monthly forecast delivered on-air this first weekday of February calls for warmer than normal temperatures and wetter than normal conditions in most of New England.

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