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Summer Officially Arrives Tuesday, Accompanied by Sun and Pleasant Temps

A swath of slow-moving rain is inching in our direction, but our weekend storm is holding back the whole shebang

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Welcome to summer!

These are the longest days of the year, with early rays around 5 a.m. and late evening twilight glimmering until 9 p.m. These benefits extend to locations like ours living at the higher end of the mid-latitudes. Unfortunately, it also means we see the other end of the spectrum, with sunrises after 7 a.m. and sunsets near 4 p.m. (as of now) during the winter solstice.

We’re still holding onto the sun for the time being. A swath of slow-moving rain is inching in our direction, but our weekend storm (lurking off Nova Scotia) is holding back the whole shebang. This buys us time, but it also delays the inevitable. Showers could reach us late Wednesday and linger through all of Thursday.

My biggest concern – with the moderate drought designation still firmly in place for eastern Mass. – is that we come away with more clouds than meaningful rain. Guidance has been elusive in this regard, painting us with around a half inch in some runs to as little as a tenth of an inch in others. This uncertainty leads me to believe we could get skunked and stumble away with nuisance showers and spotty mist.

Whatever the outcome for the middle of the week, we’ll swing out of this pattern and into the warmer air by week’s end. The weekend is looking very summery for a change as the humidity – and 80s – send us back to the beaches, lakes and pools.

Hurray for summer!

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