Sunshine and Cool Temperatures for the Afternoon

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Our weather is slow to change day-to-day. 

We can credit what’s called - a blocking pattern - in the atmosphere.

Think of it is a traffic jam in the steering currents high in the sky. The weather system that came into New England Sunday stalled, and is going to take several more days before it completely gives up influence on our weather. Today though, is decidedly brighter and less cold than yesterday.

We have breaks of sunshine with a few spots near 50 degrees. But near the ocean it’s still only about 40 degrees, and there a few scattered raindrops and snowflakes. But most of us are dry the rest of the day and overnight.

Wind at the ocean is from the northeast gusting past 20 mph adding an extra chill. Much less wind away from the coast.

A strong storm going off the mid-Atlantic states this afternoon will slow down and merge with our stalled system south of Nova Scotia.

A gigantic storm is going to form in the northwest Atlantic from this merger. We are going to see periods rain and snow back from west to east late Wednesday and Thursday from this powerhouse cyclone.

After a fair and colder night tonight, low temperature in the 20s and 30s, clouds will increase tomorrow with temperatures in the 40s, again near 50 degrees well inland.
A mix of rain and snow will develop in northern Maine and start to spread south and west late in the day and at night.

We also have warmer air coming in from the north, that’s what can happen in a blocking pattern, that means most of us are wet and not white Thursday.

The mountain tops may get a few inches of snow, otherwise around a quarter to half inch of rain is possible in the eastern New England, drier in Western New England.

Highs Thursday mostly in the 40s. Wind at the coast may gust 40-50 mph with pounding 10-15 seas and erosion at high tide.

The ocean storm will wobble in our direction, and then slowly ease back toward the east Friday with slow drying here.

Temperatures will remain on the cooler side in the 40s to lower 50s.

The weekend looks mostly dry, but we are going to have light wind with a low level inversion with patchy low clouds or fog each morning. We may have some frost too. It’s a tough call and how much sunshine we see each afternoon, but we are optimistic the temperatures do warm back to the 50s as seen in our First Alert 10-Day Forecast.

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