Here's When Sunshine Returns After More Than 2 Weeks of Rain

A completely rain-free day is in store Thursday, with the slight chance for a lonesome storm Friday late day.

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Finally, a break! Of sorts.

It takes a while for the sun to bust through the clouds, but eventually it will. It’s a sight for sore eyes after more than two weeks of a trace or more of rain. Sounds like we’re in record territory with those numbers, right? Well, almost.

The actual number of consecutive days is eight. Reason being, we don’t count days with a trace of rainfall. It has to be measurable to count.

In any event, there have been 15 days with drops falling from the sky….and today will make 16 (or 9 for those counting actual rainfall). The record for consecutive days of measurable precipitation (rain or snow) is 13 set back in January of 1995.

Now back to today’s sun. It should be enough to boost temperatures to the low 80s – along with a rise in the humidity. A weak frontal boundary will drift in our direction later in the day and give rise to a batch of thunder.

We're not thinking this will cause widespread flooding, but there may be enough rain for localized flooding with an individual storm. Keep an eye to the sky for severe weather too: some storms may contain strong winds.

A two-day reprieve is coming for Thursday and Friday. A completely rain-free day is in store Thursday, with the slight chance for a lonesome storm Friday late day. Highs both days soar to the upper 80s - or even 90 Friday.

But the weekend will have us feeling like it’s one step forward, two steps back. Thunderstorms will march in on Saturday, soaking down your afternoon plans. Then the front stalls, and the Sunday forecast gets soaked.

I’m concerned for more flooding as the downpours could hammer us all day long. What’s left will wet down part of Monday too. Ugh.

Is there any good news in the long range? Well, there are signs that next week we could switch up the pattern once again (at least it’s moving?) and set up a favorable position for the jet stream to give us at least a couple of days without rain.

There’s still a threat for something Tuesday, but it doesn’t look like the deluge from the weekend. One thing I’ve come to realize out of these wet summer spells: they take a while to ease out, and instead of an abrupt shutoff, they go quietly in the night. And summer sun and warm temps eventually DO win out.   

In the meantime, enjoy the beach weather Thursday and Friday!

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