Here's When We Could See Some Spectacular Spring Weather

One-to-two inches of rain are expected for Friday, but we're expecting a gorgeous day Sunday

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Any given New England spring day may not be billed with quite so much optimism for high temperatures near 50 at the coast and 60 inland, a high pollen count, a high UV index and a moderate brush fire danger…But today comes on the heels of recent chilly, wet and cloudy weather, and many will find the day delightful. 

But if you're waiting on a classic, spectacular spring day, just wait until Sunday!

For now, cooler temperatures at the coast are the result of an onshore, east-southeast wind, so inland communities will rebound through the 50s to near 60 degrees. 

A strengthening storm in the Ohio Valley, along with its increasing counterclockwise flow around the storm center, is dragging warmth and moisture ahead of it, on the east side of the storm, and both are headed toward New England. 

So clouds thicken overnight Wednesday night and a few showers are expected Thursday, but those showers should remain as a few clusters and not a broad shield of rain, mostly staying away from New England’s eastern coast and North Country, and most focused in Connecticut. 

Eventually, the slug of moisture will reach New England and Friday is expected to be a wet day for most of the region with a gusty southeast and southern wind late Thursday into Friday.

High temperatures Thursday will reach the 50s and should rise to either side of 60 degrees in at least southern New England on Friday – very different from the cold showers and north wind that started the week. 

Although the weather will improve somewhat Saturday after one-to-two inches of rain in southern New England, and half an inch to an inch north, there still will be some showers, most likely in the first half of the day.

Eventually, we'll see splashes of sun that bump temperatures over 60 degrees for many. 

Sunday looks spectacular, with dry, fair skies and highs near 70 degrees. It remains to be determined whether the wind will end up light enough for any sea breeze to develop. 

A cooler, onshore wind is possible early next week with showers probable Monday, but even with temperatures cooling a bit into next week in our exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast, at this point we don’t see days as cool as what started our current week in New England.

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