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Sunshine to Preface Storms Through Parts of New England

With lack of much wind we have a light seabreeze at the ocean keeping us in the low 50s by the coast

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We have a little change up this weekend, instead of getting a chilly wet Saturday and a bright Sunday, we’re going to reverse it this week. Today is the pick of the weekend!

Nice high-pressure system is crossing New England, that means light wind and plenty of sunshine today. With lack of much wind we have a light seabreeze at the ocean keeping us in the low 50s by the coast, but we get to the low 60s inland. A nice afternoon to air out the house a little bit.

We are watching a storm system across the Ohio Valley with thunderstorms today. That is going to come in late tonight and mostly tomorrow afternoon. That leaves tonight with the increasing clouds and temperatures fine 30s and 40s. Just after sunset you may get a nice glimpse of the crescent moon well below Venus.

Tomorrow looks a little better than what we were saying before, we may have some sunshine in much of eastern New England for a few hours, and perhaps most of the day in Maine.

This is a slow moving weather system on the way, and rain will develop in Connecticut and western Massachusetts by lunchtime. When the rain arrives the temperature will fall from the lower 50s back to 40s.

By evening most of New England, with the exception of Maine, should be raining. The temperature continues fall into the 30s with rain changing to snow in the higher elevations of Central New England.

Colder air will continue to feed into this slow moving system with rain changing to snow even at lower elevations in much of western and central New England.
Snow should be accumulating in the hills, so by Monday morning we may have a few inches of snow on the ground from north central Connecticut, across much of inland Massachusetts and in much of the state of Vermont, New Hampshire, and southern and western Maine. Low pressure is going to stall in the gulf of Maine Monday, keeping us wet and white most of the day. Also the wind from the north will increase gusting past 35 or 40 miles per hour near the shore.

High temperatures only in the 30s to lower 40s for much of the region Monday.
Precipitation gradually decreases in intensity later Monday and Monday night, but the clouds are not gone until later Tuesday. With increasing sunshine Tuesday we should get back to 50 degrees or better.

We may have a nice Wednesday before the next wet weather maker comes in later Wednesday and sticks around until Friday. That one looks warmer with the temperature in the 50s. And the best news is we are cautiously optimistic that it will actually feel like spring for the first weekend of May, next weekend in the 60s both days, in our first alert 10 day forecast.

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