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Supermoon Will Bring Super High Tides, Possible Flooding

When the full moon is closest to the earth (perigee) in its orbit, we see a more dramatic tide change

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We have the most “super” supermoon of the year today and that means some super high tides. 

This week we have the full super “Buck” moon, which is officially full at 2:38 p.m. Wednesday.   At its nearest pass the moon will be 222,089.3 miles away from earth.  This moon will appear about 7% larger, which you can barely notice, but makes for great photography opportunities.  The moon rises Wednesday in Boston at 8:54 p.m., so get the cameras ready as we expect a mainly clear view!

Our tide typically cycles twice a day from high tide to low tide.  And when the full moon is closest to the earth (perigee) in its orbit, we see a more dramatic tide change.  This change is also more amplified during a new moon.  This week our high tides are going to be close to flood stage starting with the overnight tide cycle.  Here is the breakdown on the high tides of concern for Boston Harbor.

Wednesday night: 11:36 pm high tide, 11.9’
Thursday night: 12:32 a.m. Fri. high tide, 11.9’
Friday night: 1:29 a.m. Sat. high tide, 11.8’
Saturday night: 2:25 am Sun. high tide, 11.4’

Keep your eye to the sky for tonight’s Supermoon! It’s called the “full buck” Supermoon and Meteorologist, Tevin Wooten, tells us why – plus, the best spots to catch a glimpse.

Around a foot of saltwater inundation is forecast for shoreline roads across the New England coast for at least the next few nights.  Keep in mind, the flooding can occur a couple hours before and after the high tide.  We don’t expect any large waves or storms to make the flood threat worse during these high tides. 

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