Temperature Fluctuations, Humidity and Thunderstorms Ahead

Our rain chances will be popping up every day from tomorrow into the beginning of the weekend

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We had another taste of fall this morning, but summer is hanging on. Battling temperatures will continue to fluctuate this week.

As we’re getting ready to enjoy a beautiful afternoon, our temperatures will be staying in the mid 70s today. We’ll be having mostly sunny skies with a few clouds popping up, but no precipitation for now.

We have a high pressure system to the north that is keeping the temperatures cool now with no humid air. It’s another fantastic opportunity to enjoy the stable weather across New England, since we’re getting ready to watch showers to roll in tomorrow afternoon.

As this high pressure system shifts to the east, the wind changes direction. The shift will allow the warm front, currently to our south, to start creeping in moisture tomorrow while the cold front moves from the northwest to produce heavy downpours in the afternoon.

It will begin in northern New England, with showers crossing Vermont and New Hampshire tomorrow afternoon. As we head into the evening, the storms will be entering Massachusetts and southern New England, advancing slowly and producing pockets of heavy rain into Thursday morning in the southeast.

With the presence of this moisture, our dew points will be in the upper 60s now, giving us a muggy feeling tomorrow and remaining humid all through Saturday.

Our rain chances will be popping up every day from tomorrow into the beginning of the weekend. A low pressure system will be advancing from the south, bringing in a tropical feeling to the air once again Friday and Saturday.

As far as now, Sunday is looking to be mainly dry. Our rain chances will be decreasing by then and we’ll be enjoying a mostly sunny afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday of next week also look to be mostly sunny, with minimum rain chances until Wednesday afternoon, when we’ll be watching for another round of showers. 

Regarding Tropical Storm Nicholas, it continues to weaken and bring heady downpours into northeastern TX and southwestern Louisiana.

It’s estimated to linger for about 48 hours south of Louisiana producing high risk of flooding in southern Louisiana and parts of Mississippi. The outer bands will allow for precipitation across most of the south coast. 

Stay tuned to your First Alert Weather Team for all the details. 

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