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Historic Storm Over, Warmer Weather in Sight as Boston Digs Out

We’ll eventually get to 50 or better just after the middle of the week

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If you’re into numbers and snow, this was a storm for you. We broke records (and backs) with over two feet in spots.

The cleanup and the dig-out begin this morning, but wind chills are not on our side. Steady breezes - with occasional gusts – may have you taking frequent breaks to catch your breath and warm your paws.

The one-day snowfall record fell in Boston, tying the storm back in February of 2003 (that left over three feet on the North Shore). Officially, the storm delivered a two day total of 23.8”, which ranks as 7th all-time.

snow totals

It was that kind of event. And thankfully, it came on a weekend day.

Gusts were enough to wipe out power to much of the outer Cape. While most of the observing stations were knocked out on the Cape, many other locations met the mark for the official title of Blizzard of 2022. Peak winds were between 70 and 80 m.p.h., a feat that is often seen in the mightiest nor’easters.

This was the first blizzard in almost four years to hit the region. And we don’t see anymore on the horizon.

Bar chart of temperature increase

In fact, the pattern will undergo a slow warmup as the arctic air peels back and the milder air makes a run at New England. We’ll eventually get to 50 or better just after the middle of the week. Much of the snow will either slump or melt in the upcoming thaw.

Be safe driving and cleaning up. Lots of drifting snow is likely to be whipping around.

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