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Warmer Weather Moves in Wednesday Across New England

Temperatures will rise into the 80s during the day for the rest of the work week

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If you live in northern New England, you probably had to check the calendar this morning.

Temperatures started off in the upper 20s and low 30s. This unseasonably cool weather will retreat back to Canada over the next day or two. It turned into a pretty nice afternoon with temperatures reaching the 60s and low 70s for most. With a disturbance moving through skies were cloudy across Western New England with more sunshine at the coast.

With this new pattern that’s moving in, it’s difficult to figure out when we will see our greatest chances for showers and thunderstorms. We have a ridge of high-pressure setting up across the eastern half the United States. We are on the periphery of this ridge. Thunderstorms typically develop and ride over the ridge. Again, timing will be difficult. Our weather will turn increasingly humid and hot over the next couple of days.

Temperatures will stay in the 80s through the day on Saturday. Cooler weather returns on Sunday. And then we will see another warm up mid to late week next week as well.

Although we are expecting showers and thunderstorms, we aren’t expecting any widespread heavy or steady rain. It’s becoming increasingly dry across New England and it’s possible that we could see drought conditions develop.

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