Weekend Weather Clearly Moves From Winter to Spring

It will feel like springtime by this afternoon

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The vernal equinox at 5:37 this morning marks the beginning of the calendar spring. Meteorological spring began on March 1.

It was a fitting close to winter on the calendar, with the temperature yesterday barely touching 40 degrees, and an icy cold start this morning in the teens and 20s.

But what a recovery. By this afternoon we’re going to be 55 to 60 degrees.

Hardly a cloud in the sky, with light wind coming around from the southwest. That may keep the south facing coastline a little colder.

It’s a sprawling high-pressure system right over the northeastern United States for the next couple days, with hardly a cloud in the sky again tomorrow and Monday.

We have a waxing moon in the evening sky, and with light wind and dry air, we have radiational cooling with temperatures getting below freezing each morning.

It's perfect sugaring weather. The sap in the trees should run great this weekend.

A little bit warmer tomorrow, with a high temperature passing 60 degrees in many areas away from the ocean, but we’re going to start to see more of a sea breeze tomorrow afternoon.

Tomorrow may be the best spring skiing - weekend day - of the season.

There is one little problem with the weather though, we have elevated fire danger. Especially in areas that missed the rain Thursday night, several brush fires were reported yesterday, and there may be some more today. But at least the wind is less active so it’s not quite as dangerous.

And also, if you’re spending much time outside this weekend, it is sunburn weather all of the sudden, sunscreen and moisturizer will be very helpful.

It gets a little tricky later Monday night and Tuesday as a storm system forming off the coast of Florida is going to slowly move to the north.

If it comes close enough we may end up cold and wet in Southern New England by Tuesday. But that’s a tough call. We'll keep it mild and mostly dry for now with the next chance of significant rain coming in later Thursday and Friday. Hopefully we get that, because we don’t want a completely dry March.

Stay tuned to our First Alert 10-Day Forecast for the latest.

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