Winds Diminish Ahead of Sunny Thursday

There will only be a few gusts around 30 mph through Thursday afternoon

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We had intense wind and rain this morning, with lingering wind and rain across Maine this afternoon.

This evening we continue to dry out and see the winds diminish. There will only be a few gusts around 30 mph through Thursday afternoon.

Tonight our dewpoints will be much lower and lows will be in the 40s north and 50s south. It will be much more comfortable for sleeping if you have your windows open, and you don't have to worry about rain getting in.

There will be no showers overnight, in fact, we will be mostly clear. It will be nice and bright from the moon, which is full on Oct. 1 and named the harvest moon.

Thursday brings us a break from the rain as we enjoy gusty winds and sunshine. Highs reach the 60s north to 70s south.

Cooler temperatures will move in for Friday, as another front moves through. Highs fall to the mid-60s with scattered showers in the afternoon.

The weekend is still mostly dry and on track with cooler highs in the low 60s. With even cooler temperatures aloft, each afternoon we see puffy clouds develop and an isolated shower in the mountains.

Another front moves in Monday bringing another round of needed rainfall to New England.

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