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Another Day, Another Nor'easter

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    Forecast: Wednesday Preview

    A few showers and a bit milder. Temperatures near 40. Turns to snow at night.

    (Published Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017)

    Pleasant reprieve from the storms, cold, and wind today. Melting was fast and furious over Southern New England, while Northern New England was a run-of-the-mill winter day.

    We're going to add snow back in the forecast with the next storm. Not a doozy, but still one that will get the plows and snowblowers out.

    Right now it's a weak storm rolling through the Great Lakes. This means that the rain will precede the storm and likely push all the way into Southern New Hampshire tomorrow afternoon. Relatively mild (near 40 degree air) will ride in on a southeast breeze. However, later tomorrow night - likely after midnight - the winds will switch to the northwest as the storm deepens in the Gulf of Maine. This will send the cold rushing back down into southern New England and the rain/snow line will follow suite.

    Where it stays all snow in Central and Northern New England, up to a foot or more of snow could fall. This is predominately in central Maine, but amounts could close to that amount in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire too. Snow amounts will taper in southern New England, but we could see up to 8" in Portsmouth, and 3-4 from Topsfield to Gloucester.

    Cold will follow in the short term, but we're still gaming for a major weekend warmup.