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Kicking The Rain to The Curb

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    Forecast: Thursday Preview

    A spotty drizzle possible in the morning, otherwise drier, but clouds linger with highs into the 50s at the coast to 60s farther inland.

    (Published Wednesday, April 26, 2017)

    April continues to astonish and amaze in the rain department. With another inch plus of water in the rain gauge, we are now nearing 5 1/2 inches this month! That makes this the wettest month since last October, and the biggest surplus (+1.98") since December 2014.

    Take that drought.

    We'll dry out and warm up, but it's a slow process. There is a lot of leftover moisture (AKA clouds) swirling about our decaying storm, and fog will be forming tonight. It should take the better part of tomorrow for the Sun to chew through the clouds. Nevertheless, I'm expecting highs to be in the 60s for most, upper 50s at the coast. Winds won't be much of a help to shake out the cloud deck.

    Onward and upward to Friday, which sees a lot more sun. One exception is in the morning, with a speedy front sliding through with a couple of showers. Highs will manage mid and upper 70s, so the finish is worth minor interruption.

    We soar near 80 on Saturday as a cool front slices through in the afternoon and evening with a SLIGHT chance at a shower. Cooler weather takes over on Sunday...but it's still bright.

    Here's to a taste of summer!