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Quiet, Breezy Weekend

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    Weather Forecast: Breezy, Sunny Saturday

    Friday night: Winds diminish. Partly cloudy. Low 30s. Saturday: Partly sunny. Breezy. Low 40s. Sunday: Partly sunny. Low 40s. (Published Saturday, Jan. 28, 2017)

    Highs fell back to the 40s today. I'd call it a thaw, but this is more than that. We've been above normal since the 15th in Boston. So far this month is averaging 6.5 degrees above normal.

    That's called a trend, my friend.

    A trend not unlike what we've seen before: erratic snowfall, intense storms, inconsistent, sputtering cold and outrageous record highs. (Anyone for 60+ in the dead of winter?). While the blog is hardly a good forum for debate, I will say that this is supporting evidence of a warmer climate overall. A climate that irrefutably has the fingerprints of global warming all over it.

    While the weekend sees more highs in the 40s, cooler weather - possibly below normal - is on the way early next week. Storms seem to be on the weak side, with a few flurries or a snow shower expected by late Tuesday. The real cold seems to be holding back until late next week. We'll see if that brews up a storm.

    Have a good weekend.