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Rain Blows Into Town

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    Forecast: Tuesday Preview

    Wet, windy. Wintry mix north. Highs in the 30s and 40s. (Published Monday, Jan. 2, 2017)

    Not a bad way to head off January. Good amount of sun and a slew of 40s.

    Without really cold air in place, the next storm up is predominately rain. We were concerned about possible icing in Central Mass, but that chance is drifting out to sea as I type.

    Heavier rain - even severe weather - is organizing across the Deep South tonight. It will head northeast with a deepening low pressure system in tow. While we may start the day with a few sprinkles, the heavier rain waits until late afternoon and evening...just as the evening commute gets underway.

    As our coastal storm heads into Maine, rain tapers quickly and we're left with clouds. We'll also manage to sneak in a semi-mild afternoon on Wednesday as highs near 50 for many! The door slams shut as the very cold air rushes in Wednesday night with a sharp cold front.

    Then we're in the deep freeze. At least through the weekend. There has been a lot of buzz on the potential for a Friday snowstorm, and while there is something lurking out there, I'm not sold on a direct hit just yet. A glancing of light snow or flurries seems more likely for Eastern Mass and the Cape. We'll definitely keep our finger on the pulse.