Enjoy the Last of This Summer Stretch — a Cold Front Is Coming

The change in weather comes with a cold front on Veterans Day – ahead of that front, mild air and sunshine continues

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The mild and dry weather continues to stretch on here in New England, courtesy of a large area of high pressure in the eastern United States that is firmly anchored under a “ridge” – or bump – in the jet stream winds aloft. 

Keep in mind, the jet stream winds steer storm systems across the country and separate cold air to the north from warm to the south. So we’ve not only been enjoying mild weather but also removed from the active storm path. 

A major change in the jet stream pattern is expected to unfold this week. The corridor of wind aloft is shifting south, which will deliver a midweek disturbance to New England. That will also open the door to cool air with staying power for the end of the week all the way to the end of the exclusive First Alert 10-day forecast. 

The change in weather comes with a cold front on Veterans Day – ahead of that front, mild air and sunshine continues. Behind the cold front, cool air more typical of November returns. So, we’ll soak up the warmth – record-setting in several inland communities – Monday and Tuesday, albeit with some afternoon sea breezes.

Much like Sunday night, which brought a 30 degree spread in temperature from one community to a neighboring community, owing to a hilltop/valley temperature difference, we’ll probably find a range in temperatures Tuesday morning as well. All will warm as the sun takes over with a southwest wind pushing warmth to the beaches and shaking the afternoon sea breeze of Sunday and Monday. 

The approaching cold front on Veterans Day spreads rain showers into Vermont and northern New Hampshire during the morning to midday, but only sprinkles elsewhere until later afternoon. Outdoor events honoring our Veterans have a good chance of staying dry until late day and evening, with rain continuing overnight Wednesday night into Thursday morning. 

This cold front opens the door to the new air that holds temperatures where they should be for this time of the year or maybe even just a bit cooler. We will stay dry Thursday afternoon through Saturday, then showers are likely Sunday perhaps into Monday morning, with cool air rounding out the 10-day through mid-week next week.

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